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is a Company That Developes High Quality Sample Libraries, For Kontakt Sampler .
Which is The Most Popular Sampler in The World Today for live instruments and Samples amongst Musicians,Sound Engineers And Music Lovers.
Aviram Dayan's Products Are Sold All Over The World And Getting Excellent Reviews.
Many Producers From USA,The Arab World,East West,Israel etc.

Are Producing Their Music With The Amazing Tools Of Aviram.
With Aviram's Tools You Can Also Reach a Unique Level Of Sound Not Compromising On High Quality

And Staying Close To The Authentic Sound

Aviram Dayan, Also Known As DreaMelodiC 
Is An Israeli Artist, Manager, SEO & Founder, Producer, Sound Designer,
KSP-Scripter, Programmer, Developer, Graphic & Video Designer.
His style Ranges From Electronic Music,Trance,House,Ambient,Oriental And Ethnic.
Among Other Things He Produces Artists/Singers And Also Does Professional Mixing And Mastering.
Artists He Has Worked With So Far Is: Yuval Dayan,"Shake" & "Ultras",Yahel Sherman-Yahel,Lior Avramov,And many more,
Which Were Supported and Played At Famous Clubs in Israel Such As HAOMAN 17(Tel Aviv),
Forum(Beer-Sheva),Maabada(rehovot)Colosseum(Tel Aviv),etc.
Until this day, Aviram released two Albums The first Debut Album Called "                    " at the end of 2014 And the second Album Called "                      " ,Today Aviram manager "                                " Label.

Aviram Arabic string For Kontakt Is Our Best Selling Tool in Our Line Of Products

And it Has Recieved Great Popularity Amongst The Mediterranean,Oriental And Ethnic Musicians

And Has Become a Part Of The Music Lndustry.

This Product Has Various Sounds,18 Articulations And in Each Of The Modulation Wheel

There Are Three More Different Kind Of Sounds.
You Will Recieve The Most Highest Quality Sound ,Closest To The Sound Of Live Strings.
Arabic String will Make Your Music Sound Professional!

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