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Author: Aviram Dayan Aka "DreaMelodiC"

Ksp Scripting By: Aviram Dayan

Graphic Design & Videos Animation By: Aviram Dayan

Recording,writing midi files, Arrange for musical scale,

Complex Edits & Full Multi Mix & Master By:
Aviram Dayan


All sound recordings, performances, scripting and/or code
contained in this product is the property of
"Aviram Dayan Production | DreaMelodiC"

and remain the property of
"Aviram Dayan Production | DreaMelodiC"
after the product is purchased.


This license extends only to the individual who purchases this product, unless that individual is purchasing on

behalf of another individual, in which case it is the actual user of the product who is granted this license.


The licensee is entitled to the use and unlimited editing of the product within the scope of music production and

composition. The product may be installed on as many computer systems used by the licensee as desired, but in no

case does a single license allow multiple individuals to use the product.


The licensee may not use the product in the creation of other sample, sound effect, or loop libraries.


The licensee may not use sound recordings contained in the product as individual sound effects for sound design

work, unless the sounds are significantly processed, layered, and otherwise altered beyond recognition.


The licensee may use the product in the creation of music for production libraries.


Redistributing, reselling, electronically transmitting, uploading, sharing, or renting the product in any way, shape,

or form is prohibited by law. The licensee may create a physical backup copy of any digitally purchased and

downloaded product. This backup copy is subject to the same limitations as the original copy of the product, and

may not be transferred to any other individual for any reason.


Copyright © 2015 Aviram Dayan Production | DreaMelodiC,
LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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