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What is "Interpolation & Aliasing" ?
From The Manual:
Resampling - is the process of smoothly creating changes in sample data when the system is called to 'invent' intermediate volume levels between any two known sample points. This is necessary when samples are transposed from their original pitch to avoid 'quantizing' and / or 'aliasing' noise. The benefits of higher quality interpolation will only apply to transposed sounds.

What I Got:
The Actions it only affect on the mixing process - Mixer Resample Settings And Render Settings
Only in Sampler - "Dry Audio Samples"
(Before Any Effect on The Mixer)
 (There is no connection to the "Audio Clips" in the Playlist)
And ​Sometimes Works on frequencies from 2000HZ or 3000HZ (not too much) 
Until 18000KHZ 21000KHZ or even 22000KHZ

On Full Musical Production
(not affect and not noticeable too much - at low frequency and low-mid frequency)
After thorough research, And I understand what it means ,I decided to make an attempt

Ready? Ok let's start.

 Aviram Dayan DreaMelodiC - Example FL Studio - Mixer Resample - Interpolation & Aliasing

Audio settings:



After - Test Visual Wav "Peak" with "Edison" :

I uploaded to Example on "6" "64" "512" - Points
Come and you will find the difference
Is there? Here:


**For Those That Do Not Work All Tracks For Hearing Loop (Refresh The Page)**

FL Studio Audio Settings - Resampling

FL Studio Guru | Interpolation, Sampler Channels & Aliasing

"Scott Fisher" The Founder / CEO of software FL Studio Upload Example:

Some of heard some not correct? 
if not Right away
 You pay attention really :)

Now I make Test "Hi-Hat on A6" Note
Let's start from 2 point Linear And 512 point

now you will find the difference..


**For Those That Do Not Work All Tracks For Hearing Loop (Refresh The Page)**

For me I found it Useful, Work with it only for the purpose of Reference To out signal
ending It.. 
It is important also to say That If you leave at 6 points (in audio mixer settings)
and you do General Export In "save as" Here:


And leave about 512 There is no change in sound will have no effect
(It stay On the situation "interpolation" 512 Point)


What to you do in "Mixer Resample" ,For example I chose 512
And in "Render Settings" shows 16 point sync ,
So the end quality will be 16 point sync.

"Mixer Resample" 
Good for Hearing Range inside the Daw

"Render Settings"
At the end what impact of the general sound
is the "Render Settings"

My Recommendation in general​
*I recommend* on "2-point linear" in "Mixer Resample" And also on "Render Settings"

So let's see we're smart? :) this matter?, Confusing to you?
Write me down
It is very important to try.

Aviram Dayan FL Studio Rendering Export Project Dialog

First I started Like this 
(is important to say I record the "out signal" )
i explain Later

FL Studio - Mixer Resample - Interpolation & Aliasing

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